The Smarter Way to Study For A Level Economics

 “I’m Emre, one of the UK’s top Economics Tutors, and I’ve helped thousands of students go from struggling to reach a D, to A’s and A*'s - all from the comfort of their home. 

I’ve designed a fun, fast-track online A level course for AQA, EDEXCEL AND OCRand it’s powered by EdGenie, my online learning platform.” 

How it Works

Enrol Today – Learn with confidence – Get Top Marks

Overcome Difficult Economics Concepts

You will master the detailed explanations of terms and the analysis that comes with it. Given our course focuses on getting you a top grade you will also become an evaluation connoisseur.

ACE your Diagrams 

Gain competence in drawing. The ability to draw diagrams and know which ones and where to place in questions is an area where marks go missing.

Master your Essays

Essays make up over 40% of each A Level exam you will be sitting. So it is only right you focus on the insights you need to get the 20/25 marks. We specifically focus on structure including how to get knowledge, application, analysis and evaluation marks

Reinforce your economics prowess by testing yourself with our quizzes and exam questions. Ask questions in the discussion panel and watch expert past paper model answers

Learn with Confidence 

As a student barely scraping a C at the start of my A levels, with the guidance of the Edgenie course and further reinforcement from Emre's regular online sessions. I can proudly say I am at an A-A* grade! Where the course covers both the theory and core principles of topics and regular exam practice I can stay atop of classwork and even get ahead! From a current economics student, EdGenie would definitely give you a 200% Return on your investment :)


Get Top Marks!

If you want to ace your Economics A level, the time to start studying is NOW, unless you want lots more stress in the lead up to A levels (you don’t need that!) 

By enrolling on this fun and effective course, you will learn:

The best way to apply economic theory to real life

To Develop diagrams

How to structure your analysis and evaluation

How to ace exam questions

And show examiners you understand economics as a whole

We GUARANTEE Your Results!

If you’re thinking “Ok, this course will help me be more efficient with my work so I don’t have to study as long”, you’d be right! 

We also offer a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you complete the course and don’t achieve an A or A* in your exams. 

If you don't like it, just cancel within the 5 day period and you won't be charged!

Losing motivation or don’t know how to study? We’re on hand to help!

The course covers everything you need to know for AQA, OCR & Edexcel including:

Fiscal policyMonetary policyGlobalisationSupply side policyGovernment InterventionExchange RatesBalance of paymentsDeveloping economiesDemand and SupplyElasticityOligopolyEconomic growthInflation / DeflationUnemploymentMonopolyPerfect competitionMonopsonyMeasure of developmentMarket failuresPublic goodsExternalitiesBuffer stock schemesRevenue and Cost

… and more!

Our course is Exam Board Specific, meaning whether you’re AQA, Edexcel or OCR, you’ll be learning the exact material you need to succeed! 

You’ve got 150+ hours of Economics content available, all at the click of a button. 

There’s also 24/7 1-2-1 support from myself, so you can chill out knowing I have your back if you get stuck at any point! 

You can study at your own pace, any time of the day or night. That means when you have free time, you can do a little bit each day, building your knowledge as you go along. BUT best of all… 

I will literally show you how to structure and answer questions step by step on exam papers. I’ll show you how many marks are available and I will show you exactly how to obtain full marks.

What our students say:

Structure You Need!

Written by Karina 

EdGenie! I found out about EdGenie in November right after my first assessment which I completely failed. I started watching videos to be able to understand the material as well as to apply and evaluate it. The videos are not too long, but informative and there is only useful information included. I also like the real-life examples given. I’ve realized that the content in the majority of textbooks I currently have is not as structured and it is challenging to pick out the points needed, but this is not the case with EdGenie. To be honest, I am still struggling with economics precisely because I’m not a native English speaker and I have never studied it before, but Mr Aksahin is always there to help, motivate and explain things fully which I am super grateful for!

Subject: Economics
Outcome: A in Economics 

Highly Recommend!

Written by Meli 

I came across Edgenie when I was looking for support for my studies. The course was well structured and broke down the information in easily absorbable chunks. The videos are a definite bonus and Emre always being on call is invaluable. It's a really good resource for me compared to others I've used. The Analysis points, Evaluation and the How to Draw diagrams especially are really well thought out and has helped be move up to an A* in my class. I would recommend it to everybody.

Outcome:  A* in A level Economics


So Confident Now!

Written by Sara

I felt so confident in explaining what I had learnt after watching just one video on EdGenie. The monthly tutorials are so Productive & it allows me to develop my understanding of economics further by asking questions. Also the the case study’s & context Emre covers & discussed points gets me prepared & ready for me to complete essays on my own.

Subject: Economics

With our online learning portal, you’ll feel confident about all aspects of Economics.

 Just imagine, you’ll be able to:

Additional course features!

The course also includes quizzes and exams alongside your video tutorials. You will complete these at each stage of the course in order to progress. 

The course also includes worksheets, quizzes and exams alongside your video tutorials. You will complete these at each stage of the course in order to progress.

About me

Hey, I’m Emre. I’ve got 11 years’ experience tutoring and an excellent track record (100% of my students received an A/A* in 2021) in Economics! 

My speciality is A-levels, and I’m confident in taking students at all levels and abilities to dramatically increase their progress - yes, in a short space of time! 

I’ve helped students pass their exams with flying colours and attend top global universities such as LSE, Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Imperial, Warwick, York, Stamford and Georgetown. 

If you’re wondering, yes, I can help YOU too! 

Don’t delay - Enrol today


Remember, if you wait too long, there will be a whole lot of cramming and stress when it comes up to the time of exams - and nobody wants that!


To breeze through your economic A levels, Edgenie is the choice of hundreds of students who have all realised that online learning with us has helped them to be so much more efficient!

Extra study support bonuses!

When you study for exams, it can feel quite isolating, especially if none of your classmates ‘get it’ either! That’s why we’re including extra study support bonuses as part of the course. 

These are: 


Have any questions?


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Accountability Pairing

An accountability pairing is a peer who helps you progress in your studies by offering guidance and by holding you to your study commitments. 

As part of the program, you have the option to be matched with another participant to help hold you accountable or for an extra fee, have frequent consultations with me (Emre). 

This feature alone is super valuable

Monthly Live Tutoring Sessions

Each month, I’ll drill down into important topics and exam papers that you’ve been struggling with over your studies and help you go deeper and deeper in your understanding of what is required. 

This is led by you, the students 

Access to a Premium Community

We’re over on Facebook, too, so you’re never alone! The course includes access to a private Facebook group where you’ll meet other amazing economics students working on the same challenges as you 

Fellow students will be helping you out



Ready To LEVEL UP Your Studying and Smash Those A levels? 

Here are all the features you will have access to

A Level Economics Course

Unlimited & Instant 24/7 Expert Tutor Support


Access to 200+ Hours of HQ Video Tutorials 

Exam Board Specific Course Structure 

Mastery on Knowledge, Application, Analysis and Evaluation

Multiple Quizzes and Practice Questions 

Access to Essay and Exam Marking

Access to EdGenie Premium Community

A or A* Guarantee or Your Money Back

Mock Paper Practice

Live Masterclass Tutorials with Emre

Weekly Emails on Real World Application

Access on mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.


One tIme fee. Monthly instalments available at checkout. Access until final exam. 





The Most Affordable And Proven Way to Guarantee Your A or A* in Economics

How it Works
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"The On Demand A Level Economics Course That ACTUALLY Improves Your Grades"

Student Success Stories

Detailed Explanation

Detailed Explanation is understanding the topic at hand in great depth. Watch the video as I talk you through the world of subsidies in resolving Positive Externalities in Production


Gain inside knowledge into real world examples from the UK steel industry all the way to learning about the tourism industry that makes Bora Bora thrive!


Understanding the chains of reasoning that goes into the subject matter. Learn the Causes and Effects as well as the Advantages and Disadvantages.


Evaluation is ‘not just the other side of the argument’. It is a series of critique and judgement on specific scenarios dependent on the context.

EdGenie Course Framework

Detailed Explanation

Detailed Explanation is understanding the topic at hand in great depth. Watch the video as I talk you through the world of subsidies in resolving Positive Externalities in Production


Gain inside knowledge into real world examples from the UK steel industry all the way to learning about the tourism industry that makes Bora Bora thrive!


Understanding the chains of reasoning that goes into the subject matter. Learn the Causes and Effects as well as the Advantages and Disadvantages.


Evaluation is ‘not just the other side of the argument’. It is a series of critique and judgement on specific scenarios dependent on the context.


Monthly Payments Available


Just choose your exam board and you're in!


"Extremely useful"

"Everything is 

perfectly  explained"

"The support you 

get is amazing"

100% of students who completed Edgenie achieved an A or A* last year (Mindblowing)

100% 5* Trustpilot Reviews

95% Active progress and engagement rate

What is Edgenie?

Edgenie is an online economics course with on demand tutorials, Live Masterclasses and exam practice which helps you work towards an A/A* in your exams. It shows you a real and effective way to improve your grades immediately.

Who is it for?

Edgenie is for students who want to achieve an A or A* in their Economics A levels and get into the university of their dreams. We cover Edexcel a level economics, AQA A Level Economics and OCR A level Economics. It works for every student, regardless of your previous knowledge or whether you are operating at an A or even a B,C,D or E.

Why is it so affordable?

Our course access is at a very sustainable price of only £299 which you get access until your final exam. Every parent can easily subscribe their child and pay these low monthly payments for the duration of their A Levels. It's over 90% cheaper than an average economics tutor but with more value.

Why does it exist?

Large class sizes and limited support in schools leave many students inadequately prepared for A level exams. EdGenie aims to help remove financial barriers to private tuition. An online video-based course led by a ‘supertutor’ gives students the dedicated attention and effective learning environment outside of the classroom they need to succeed.

When does it start?

Edgenie is an online on-demand course like a Netflix or Disney+, it starts the moment you enrol. You can watch and participate in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You get access until your final exam whether you’re in year 12 or year 13.

How does it work?

You watch the video tutorials, complete  quizzes, participate in live masterclasses, ask unlimited questions to tutors who have achieved nothing but As and A* with their students and practice exam questions. Follow the process, implement the advice and get an A* in your economics exam. You complete it online, on your own time.

"My first priority is to help every single one of our students achieve an A or A* in Economics"

Emre - Edgenie

Don't just take my word for it...

SOME of the many Edgenie students experiencing amazing results

One area economics students consistently lose marks on is Application.  Isabella on the other hand utilised the Edgenie's Real World Application material really well and consistently implemented them into her essays helping her achieve an A*

Adam was an extremely active member of the Edgenie community. He utilised all of the resources and consistently contributed in our Live Tutorials, taking advantage of the 24/7 1:1 tutor support asking questions about his essays on a weekly basis

Annie was brilliant throughout. Always asking questions, always going through the video tutorials and took advantage of the expert guidance specifically on essays. Incredible that they were able to achieve an A* up from a working grade of a B.  

Karina has been logging on every week since the beginning of Year 12 without a doubt. She makes sure to go through the videos meticulously and requests help when she wants further clarity. She uses Edgenie rather than her textbooks which has her at an A grade


Let us help you improve your grades. You deserve it!

See You Inside 🧞‍♂️

The Most Affordable And Proven Way to Guarantee Your A or A* in Economics

The On Demand A Level Economics Course That Actually Improves Your Grades

The Most Affordable And Proven Way to Guarantee Your A or A* in Economics

The On Demand A Level Economics Course That Actually Improves Your Grades

However, if you decide it’s just not right for you, you can inform us and get your money back within the first 7 days


Q) How Long before I start seeing results?

The easy answer is: much faster than you think! With everything you need for your a level economics at the touch of your fingertips on the phone, laptop or tablet – you can instantly get A* level guidance from any one of the hundreds of pre-recorded videos, asking a question to your tutor, answering one of our quizzes and getting instant responses and not limited to reading one of our application emails.

Our students have seen huge lifts in their motivation, application, essay writing skills and grades after only watching a handful of videos.

That said, how quickly you see results will depend on certain factors – things like: whether or not you want to get an A or A*, whether or not you’re actively participating, whether or not you have the desire to get into your dream university.

For example, a student with an active, growing desire could see results from Edgenie in a few hours after hitting ‘ENROL NOW’.

On the other hand, a student that isn’t all that interested in economics or is losing the passion and consistency to study towards their tests may need a few more weeks of logging on to get that desire to do well back. Just call us  on 07305721008 and we’ll get your motivation and roar back into your studies!

Regardless of where you are now, Edgenie shows you exactly what steps to take with your economics,
 to get to that next grade in your studies – in a surprisingly short timeframe.


“How quickly can I see results with Edgenie?”


It varies, but we can give you some benchmarks:

First, you’ll start with watching some of our explainer videos on the basic topics such as Demand and Supply or Aggregate demand. This can take you a couple of hours. – Maybe you want help on more content heavy topics such as Monopolies or Tariffs, so go and watch those. You can then see how these areas are relevant in the real world in our application tutorials. Once you believe you have a real understanding on the topic we take you through the analytical and evaluation within the subject matter. Once you can take our end of chapter tests which reinforce your learning. These are all exam standard questions which have very detailed explanations. Each section can take 0.5-3 hours.

If you feel you are confident with certain topics then you can jump straight to the tests :D

We have had students go through the entire course just before their exams in 3 weeks (crammed! – Not recommended) and we’ve had students logging on each week from the beginning of year 12.

The time needed will fluctuate and depends on you. That’s the beauty of this. Log on whenever you want, wherever you want, for however long you want!

No matter how it might look right now, Edgenie DOES save you time because:

  • Instead of wasting hours and hours scanning textbooks and websites to see what the correct terminology or guidance might be, you can avoid the noise and use the Edgenie platform to skip straight to the most relevant area.
  • Instead of staring at a blank screen wondering what to write or where to begin for your essays, you can start strong with proven frameworks and techniques available on the course. You can even ask our expert tutors and get an instant response!
  • Instead of delaying for days, second-guessing every word or diagram, you can feel confident submitting your work in school because you followed a process with a track record of results.

Most importantly…

  • Instead of spending the next few months, or your entire A Level Economics journey guessing your way through or relying on books, teachers and tutors you’ll source strategies directly from an expert that has helped countless students achieve their dream As/A*s and drastically speed up the time in seeing measurable improvements in your grades.

If you want a clear path to results, you want Edgenie.

Everything in Edgenie is simple to learn and easy to execute. We give you clear bite-sized instructions – never too short, never too long – and as exam-friendly as possible.

We’ve trained students who’d never even think to call themselves an economist– like Clara who was regularly getting Cs and Ds for 13 months, a student who used videos inside Edgenie to improve her grades by 32% to an A* grade in just 39 days of subscribing. Clara will now go to London School of Economics to study the one subject s
he never thought was possible.

Our series of Detailed Explanation videos help you build the knowledge you need to get going – even if you’re starting from scratch.

With the Real World Application videos and emails, you can get any topic and relate it to any exam question, knowing it’s going to improve your answers.

Get the tools you need in the higher mark questions by getting access to our invaluable analysis and evaluation tutorials. They’re invaluable because that’s where you get at least 60% of your grades from.

Our unskippable ‘Live Tutorials’ take you through the secrets of getting that priceless 25/25 in your essays! We have over a hundred students joining at any one time.

If all of the above wasn’t enough get unlimited 24/7 1:1 expert tutor access where you can ask all of the questions you like. Our average response time is under 5 mins.

No matter your starting point, Edgenie is set up to help you execute your economics exams with the confidence of a seasoned pro in a matter of weeks.

Q) I kinda suck at Economics. Is Edgenie going to be too advanced?

Inside Edgenie you ARE NOT learning from well-meaning amateurs who taught economics part time or has zero industry experience and then decided to draw out a course.

Emre is the lead presenter and creator of the course who is a leading tutor in A level Economics. He has taught hundreds of students spanning over 11 years. Over 93% of his students consistently achieved As and A* in Economics.

We’ve created, tested and honed the frameworks and processes that are presented inside Edgenie with students that have gotten into Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, UCL, Warwick, Durham, Bath, Harvard, NYU, Stanford and other world class universities.

Our course has driven countless students in upping their learning and consistency of study in search for better results.

It then begs the question:

Why get support from anyone else when you can just enrol with an economics course that knows without a doubt how to help you achieve that top grade?


Q) Is Edgenie the Real Deal?

Q) Can Edgenie really help me achieve an A or A* in my A Level Economics?

Edgenie shows you how to measurably improve each and every metric on the way to a successful exam experience.
We got on the phone to some of our students and this is the feedback we received:

•One of our members Oliver used Edgenie videos and the live tutorials to increase his understanding of the harder economics concepts and how they’re applied in 25 markers which he just wasn’t getting at school and as a result, quickly started increasing his marks 
from around 55% to around 77% (C to an A*)

•Year 13 student Sarah used Edgenie’s Q & A function almost weekly to help her answer any questions she had her doubts in. This led her feeling extremely confident in her approach to exams which eventually 
guided her to an A when she was predicted a B giving her the ability to go to a higher choice uni.

•Another Year 13 student Jason had been using Edgenie’s Essay and Exam marking facility to help him prepare for his mock exams, 
pushing his average marks to over 81% across the three papers.

You have to be willing to put in the work. But the payoff can be incredibly rewarding.

We CAN guarantee you’ll get all the training, content and tools you need to enter that exam feeling extremely confident.

We ALSO guarantee you an A or A* if you complete our course.

Q.How long will it take me to complete Edgenie or complete each lesson?

Q) Can you quickly remind me of everything I’m getting inside Edgenie?

Sure! The most insanely comprehensive, exam specific A Level Economics course on the planet comes with instant access to:

Actionable exam specific bite-sized chunks with over 350+ videos including:

•Detailed Explainer videos
•Real world Application videos and emails
•How To Draw Diagrams videos
•Advantages and Disadvantages videos
•Causes and Effect videos
•Evaluation videos (WEESTEP focused)
•Essay writing tutorials
•Extensive recorded live tutorials
With new material added every month


•End of Chapter Tests with explanations
•Marked Mock Exams
•Live Tutorials
•Unlimited 1:1 24/7 access to Emre
•Past Papers
•Mock Papers (released periodically)

Plus, a no questions asked:

•A or A* Money Back Guarantee.

… and a full 7 days to test drive it all risk-free.

How much is Edgenie worth?

But the more important question is:
“Can Edgenie help me get an A or * in my A level economics exams?”

You decide.

Because when you can write top notch essays, understand the concepts with ease and sit those exams with confidence, your potential is limitless.

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