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Welcome to the 34th edition of Wednesday Wisdoms by EdGenie!

Every Wednesday I send out actionable tips, tricks and real-world application insights from my 13-year experience coaching students to achieve As and A* in their Economics and Business A Levels.

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Make this one change and Make this one change and boost your A level economics grade


 As Easter break unfolds, it’s easy to find yourself buried under a mountain of notes, flashcards, and endless tutorial videos.

 Sure, this feels productive – but is it the smartest use of your precious revision time?

Let’s flip the script on traditional revision methods. 🔄
Here’s a single change that could turbocharge your grade: Confidence in Action.

Trust in what you’ve learned so far.

 It’s time for a tactical pivot – reverse engineer your learning. 🧠

Kickstart with Question Practice:

  • Dive Straight In: Pick a question and just start writing. Don’t overthink it; let your initial thoughts flow onto the paper.
  • The Revelation: You might just amaze yourself with how much you already know. This is your foundation.
  • Upgrade Your Answers: Now, refine your responses. Those notes and videos? They’re your tools to bridge knowledge gaps and elevate your answers with additional points, application or evaluation.
  • Rinse and Repeat: Tackle another question, and another. Mix in Data Response and MCQs. It’s all about variety and application.

(Oh btw - I'll be showing you how to master this in my A level Economics Easter Revision Course next week)

Why does this work?

It mirrors an exam setting, pushing you to think on your feet.

Each session is an opportunity to apply knowledge, identify gaps, and enhance your understanding in real-time. 🎯

This isn’t just passive learning; it’s active mastery.

Make the Most of Your Easter Revision:

  • Less Passive, More Active: Shift away from passive note-taking to active problem-solving.
  • From Recall to Application: Transition from simply recalling information to applying it contextually.
  • Build Real Exam Skills: Develop the critical skill of tailoring your knowledge to specific questions – the hallmark of top exam performance.

So, grab that exam paper, take a deep breath, and dive in.

It’s time to practice as if you’re already in the exam hall.

Try this one change.

Embrace the challenge.

Watch your confidence – and grades – soar.

To your well-deserved success,


Chinese EV battery maker in talks to invest £1bn in new UK gigafactory


🏭 Gigafactory Negotiations: EVE Energy, a leading Chinese EV battery manufacturer, is in discussions to invest over £1bn in constructing a new 5.7 million sq ft gigafactory on the outskirts of Coventry, anticipated to generate up to 6,000 jobs.

🔋 Centre for Electrification: The proposed factory will be a cornerstone of the UK Centre for Electrification, contributing significantly to the West Midlands' investment zone dedicated to advancing electric vehicle technologies.

✈️ Strategic Location: In collaboration with local councils and Coventry airport, where the plant is to be sited, the initiative could position the area as a key player in the electric vehicle sector.

🚗 Automotive Hub: The West Midlands is already a carmaking hotspot, housing facilities for Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin Lagonda, BMW, and the UK’s largest battery research centre.

💷 Further Investments and Subsidies: Following an initial investment, the project could receive a total of £2bn in private funding, although this is dependent on substantial UK government subsidies.

🤐 Confidential Talks: Despite detailed plans, discussions with global battery manufacturers are being kept under wraps, with no official comments on the specifics of the negotiations.

A Level Economics Questions:

Q: Discuss the potential impact of a £1bn investment by a foreign company on the UK's balance of payments.
​A: A £1bn investment by EVE Energy into a new UK gigafactory would be recorded as a financial inflow in the financial account of the UK's balance of payments, potentially offsetting the current account deficit. This inflow reflects foreign direct investment (FDI), which can lead to an improvement in the country's net investment position. Additionally, the gigafactory would contribute to exports once operational, further positively affecting the balance of payments.

Q: Evaluate the possible effects of EVE Energy's gigafactory investment on the local economy of Coventry.
A: The establishment of a gigafactory could significantly benefit Coventry's local economy through job creation, estimated at up to 6,000 positions, which would reduce unemployment and stimulate economic activity. The influx of workers could increase local demand for goods and services, leading to multiplier effects. Additionally, the presence of the factory may attract ancillary businesses, enhancing local economic development.

Q: Analyse the role of government subsidies in attracting investment for projects such as the Coventry gigafactory.
A: Government subsidies can play a critical role in attracting investments by reducing the initial cost and risk to investors. Subsidies may cover part of the setup costs or offer tax incentives, making projects financially viable. However, the effectiveness of such subsidies depends on their ability to attract sustainable investments that provide long-term benefits to the economy, outweighing the opportunity cost of public funds.

Q: Discuss the potential environmental and economic trade-offs involved in establishing a new electric vehicle battery factory.

A:The environmental trade-offs include the potential impact of factory operations on local ecosystems and carbon emissions. However, as an EV battery facility, the factory aligns with environmental goals by supporting the transition to cleaner transport. Economically, while the initial investment is substantial, the long-term payoffs may include advancements in technology, a more skilled workforce, and a stronger position in a growing industry.

Possible A Level Economics 25 Marker Question

Analyse the possible effects of EVE Energy's proposed investment on the UK's labour market, particularly in terms of skill composition and wage levels. Consider how the gigafactory could influence human capital development and productivity. 

Infographic of the Week

A Global Perspective on EpiPen Affordability

EpiPens, life-saving auto-injectors for severe allergic reactions, showcase a stark variation in cost across major global markets. The U.S. notably leads as the most costly, with a single EpiPen priced at $300, commonly sold in pairs for $600, in stark contrast to the UK and India where the price stands at $61 and $30, respectively. This disparity is particularly striking given the substantial North American market share, which accounts for more than 60% of the global value. The pricing surge followed Mylan's acquisition of production rights, leading to Congressional scrutiny and a significant settlement. Comparatively, countries like Japan, Germany, and Canada offer EpiPens at considerably lower costs. In the U.S., various states are proactively seeking to cap prices and ensure insurance coverage, highlighting a concerted push towards making EpiPens more accessible.

Chart of the Week

Escalating Global Talent Crunch: A Six-Year Perspective

Over the past six years, the issue of staff shortages has exacerbated globally, as reported by staffing firm Manpower in their latest Global Talent Shortage report. An aging population, the rapid evolution of technology, and the lag in educational institutions' adaptability have intensified hiring challenges. Currently, three-quarters of approximately 40,000 surveyed employers across various industries and 40 countries report difficulties in filling positions, a significant increase from 45% in 2017. Japan remains the most affected, with up to 89% of companies experiencing staffing issues, attributed to its aging demographic. In contrast, the situation has deteriorated remarkably in Germany and the UK, with the latter seeing figures leap from 19% to 80% amidst post-Brexit immigration challenges. India also faces a stark talent mismatch, with many graduates considered unemployable due to inadequate skills, leading to youth unemployment and social unrest.

Macroeconomic Data

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