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**Subjects: Economics, Accounting and Finance, Business, Maths

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With so many applicants, we help you make the unforgettable impression
Claim Your University Place, Not Just Apply for It

Tailor Your Personal Statement

Different universities have different expectations. A reviewed statement will be better aligned with specific university values and course specifics, increasing your chances of making a strong impression.

Get Clear Direction

No more staring at a blank screen or second-guessing how and what to write. You will have expert feedback ensuring you focus on what truly matters, setting a clear path for your application.

Stand Out From the Crowd

With so many applicants, it's easy to feel lost in the crowd. A reviewed statement will emphasise your unique qualities and experiences, ensuring you stand out.

A Seamless Journey from Start to Accepted - Here's Your Roadmap.
How It Works

1. Choose your Tier

Essential: For students seeking foundational feedback.

Advanced: Ideal for those desiring a thorough analysis of their statement, tailored feedback, and strategies for enhancement.

Complete Mastery: For ambitious students targeting top-tier universities, seeking the pinnacle of expertise and interaction.

2. Submit Your Personal Statement & Answer Our Questionnaire

Upload your current personal statement draft through our secure portal and answer our tailored questionnaire. Rest assured, your data is confidential and will only be accessed by our review team.

3. Expert Review & Feedback

Once we've assessed your statement in conjunction with your questionnaire responses, we'll provide actionable feedback and insights to elevate the quality of your statement.

4. Implement Feedback & Revise

Armed with our feedback, refine your narrative to craft a compelling and distinct personal statement that aligns with your aspirations.

5. (Optional) Resubmission for Further Review

If you opt for multiple review rounds, you can submit your refined statement for further expert analysis and feedback.

6. Submit with Confidence

With your enhanced personal statement in hand, confidently apply to your dream university, setting yourself apart from the competition.

Hey, I'm Emre!

Over the past 13 years, In addition to coaching 1000+ students. I've meticulously reviewed 500+ personal statements, with a staggering 98% of those students gaining entry into their top-choice universities.

My expertise stems from my A* teaching in Economics, Business, Mathematics, Accounting and Finance and years as an educational consultant.

But my true differentiator?

A unique analytical approach that blends data insights with personal narratives. With me, you're not just another applicant; you're one step closer to being the standout in a sea of candidates.

Unlock your Dream University

Personal Statement Review Pricing

Increase your chances of acceptance with a standout personal statement



For students seeking foundational feedback and guidance.

Within 7 Days

Basic Review

  • We spot and mark areas with grammar and language concerns



A deep-dive into the nitty-gritty of your statement, tailored feedback, and strategies for improvement.

Within 5 Days

Basic Review

  • We spot and mark areas with grammar and language concerns

Complete Mastery

Ideal for top 10 university hopefuls, this is also recommended if you're starting from scratch

Within 48 Hours

Basic Review

  • We spot and mark areas with grammar and language concerns

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is a personal statement review service?

Our service offers a comprehensive analysis of your personal statement, providing detailed feedback on content, structure, language, and more to enhance your chances of university acceptance.

How does the review process work?

Once you select a tier and submit your personal statement, our experts will evaluate it based on various criteria. Depending on your chosen package, you'll receive feedback, grading, video walkthroughs, and more.

How long does the review process take?

The duration varies based on the chosen tier, but typically, our Essential Review takes up to 7 days, Advanced Insight up to 5 days, and Complete Mastery offers a fast-tracked 3-day return.

Will you write or edit my personal statement for me?

Our focus is on providing expert feedback. While we'll suggest improvements, we won't write or make direct edits to ensure the authenticity of your statement.

How qualified are the reviewers?

Our lead reviewer, Emre, has successfully guided 92% of his students to their top-choice universities over the past decade. Our team comprises equally qualified professionals with extensive admissions experience.

Is my information confidential?

Absolutely. We value your privacy and ensure all personal and academic details shared remain confidential and are only used for the purpose of the review.

What if I have multiple versions of my personal statement?

We recommend submitting the version you feel most confident about. However, if you're torn, our higher-tier packages offer multiple feedback sessions where different versions can be discussed.

Can I get feedback for tailoring my statement to different universities?

Yes, our Complete Mastery tier guides you in aligning your statement with specific university ethos, values, or course specifics.

Do you offer any guarantees?

While we can't guarantee university acceptance (as admissions consider multiple factors), we promise a marked improvement in the quality and effectiveness of your personal statement.

How can I reach out if I have more questions or need further assistance post-review?

Our team is available via email, and for those in the Complete Mastery tier, multiple virtual sessions can be scheduled for detailed discussions.

How do you ensure that the feedback remains relevant to my chosen field of study?

Our team has specialists across various disciplines, including Economics, Business, Management, Accounting, Finance, and Maths. Your personal statement is always reviewed by an expert aligned with your field.

Can I upgrade my package after the initial review if I want more feedback?

Yes, you can upgrade to a higher-tier package any time during the process. Just reach out to our team, and we'll guide you on the next steps.

Do you provide services for international students?

Absolutely! We cater to both domestic and international students, understanding the nuances and requirements for both.

What's the difference between the 'Optimal Structure PDF' and the 'Complete Personal Statement Mastery PDF'?

The 'Optimal Structure PDF' provides a foundational guide on structuring your statement. In contrast, the 'Complete Mastery PDF' delves deeper, offering advanced strategies, standout samples, and a comprehensive list of dos and don'ts.

I'm applying for a joint or dual degree. Can you review such personal statements?

Yes, we have experience reviewing statements for joint or dual degree applications. We ensure your statement effectively covers both disciplines and meets the universities' expectations.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and several online payment platforms. Reach out to our support for any specific payment queries.

What if I disagree with some of the feedback provided?

Feedback is subjective, and while our experts draw from vast experience, it's essential you're comfortable with your final statement. We encourage dialogue and are open to discussing any points you might have reservations about.

How does the video walkthrough work?

The video walkthrough is a line-by-line analysis of your statement, offering insight into potential improvements. It allows you to see our thought process, ensuring clearer understanding.

What format should I send my personal statement in?

We prefer documents in Word format (.doc or .docx) to ensure we can easily provide comments and suggestions. However, we can work with other formats if needed.

Do you have any sample reviews I can see before deciding?

Yes, we provide sample reviews upon request. They showcase the depth and quality of feedback you can expect from our service.

Why can't I just use ChatGPT or similar AI tools to write my personal statement?

While AI tools like ChatGPT can craft content, a personal statement requires a genuine touch. Admission officers can often spot non-authentic narratives. Our service ensures your statement is polished yet authentically yours.